Marrying My Hero

Until recently, I never struggled much with writer’s block.  Actually, since I’m currently in the middle of a few creative projects, I’m not really certain “writer’s block” is the malady.  What I do know is I rely on the promises of God and when He says in Proverbs 17:28, “Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise…,” I attempt to make my words few.  I’m not always successful, but I’m trying.

That effort is one reason I don’t blog daily.  Not only am I assured that what I do is much more important than what I say, I’m also committed to the belief that what He says in His Word is much more important than anything I could share about my life’s experiences. I realize, too, that my primary ministry is to my husband and children.

As difficult as it is, I’m committed to respecting our house rule of no technology after dinner and, instead, savoring our undistracted time as a family.  It’s hard to silence diversions and the call from computers and social media can be deafening. However, I am confident the Lord wants us to discipline our minds, bodies, finances, and schedules in ways that will bring Him the most glory.

I’ve been using this time when Harrison is down for her nap to try and log onto my computer and capture some thoughts. Alas, the only thing the Lord has brought to mind to share is something I didn’t even write.  My husband did.

Months after we wed, Lee received an email from a colleague that troubled him. It was virtually pornographic.  He wrote out a reply to his friend that blew me away. I’m sharing it with you now as its cautions are clear and the lesson still speaks to me:

“It was good to hear from you brother, but I need to ask a favor of you. I am trying hard to protect myself from the negative impact of vulgar or dirty images/jokes and would appreciate your assistance. I know I have been as bad as anyone about forwarding email to which I know I don’t want my name attached, but I ask you now to please help me protect myself from the harm that results from these ‘harmless’ jokes and images.  For too long, I failed to recognize the negative impact such things have on me, my attitude, and my thoughts. Therefore, I have made a commitment not to originate, forward, perpetuate, or encourage anything that I wouldn’t share with my wife, my parents, or my Lord. As your friend, I promise not to send you anything I feel will serve any purpose other than to lift you to the level I know you belong and, as a result, I promise not to send any joke or image to you that I am not proud to attach my name.  It’s my humble opinion that if we allow ourselves to compromise in even the smallest of things, we will soon find ourselves compromising on anything.”

Every time I read Song of Songs 2:16, “My lover is mine and I am his…,” my heart skips a few beats of excitement over being married to Lee Reeves. When we were dating, he used to introduce me to family and friends as his “hero.”  How blessed I am to have married mine, too!


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