My sister, Christa, and I threw an intimate dinner in Uptown Charlotte March 26 in honor of our parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary. All in our immediate family were there except my nephew, John Thomas Redden McElveen, who is studying abroad. Thanks to Photography by Chanda for capturing this and many more precious memories.

In a few weeks, I will be sharing with you my latest children’s book written as a golden anniverary gift for Clebe and Deanna McClary based on I Corinthians 13:5, “Love is… not self-seeking.” At that time, this blog will be closed and something new will debut. Please pray for Stevie Griffin as he puts the finishing touches on that website.  I can hardly wait to hear what y’all think!

One day, I would love to compile a book with the countless letters and poems men, women, boys and girls have sent expressing how much my parents’ love for Jesus and each other has impacted them. Following is one of my favorites. Pam Mitten heard Daddy speak at her church years ago on one of the rare occasions Mom could not be with him. Though I’ve never met Pam, I thank her for painting such a beautiful picture of Mother’s and Daddy’s commitment to each other.

“Woman, the Completer” by Pam Mitten

I once met a soldier

A hero of war

One arm and eye were missing

But still a smile he wore.

He told me how his tragedy

Had come about and then

He told me of his teenage wife

Who taught him how to win.

She taught him how to overcome

His tragedies in life

She walked with him through every trial

His gentle loving wife.

She helped to make her husband

Into what he is today

She gave him back his will to live

To smile day after day.

Now though I may not meet her

While living in this life

Because I’ve seen this soldier

I’ve also seen his wife.


11 thoughts on “Jubilee!

  1. What a wonderful way to capture a snapshot of words about your parents! I love it…it really describes their beautiful relationship and love for each other!

  2. Happy Anniversary Clebe and Deana! Was just thinking of you all yesterday & what your family means to me. And also Tara was just about to ask when the new “Pirate” book will be released! I can’t wait for all the details. Love your family so much, Cindy

      • Is that the release date on Amazon? Can I get one here for Clark for Father’s Day? (I think the UK has the same Father’s Day as USA; unlike Mother’s Day 🙂 Can’t wait to share here in England with friends!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Clebe and Deanna. We are so fortunate our parents (Mason and Rosemary) met your parents (Pat and Jessie) 50 years ago! We love you! Mary and Jack Cunningham and the entire Combs (Pineville, Kentucky) family.

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