Good Day Charlotte

Thanks to our friends at Fox 46 for the warm reception and fun interview Thursday morning. You may watch by clicking the following link:


3 thoughts on “Good Day Charlotte

  1. That’s was a great to see doing so well with your books. I can’t wait to get your new book. Pray I am having a hard time getting though my story. I have too many story. I look a break this summer with my ADD it is hard to turn my mind off sometimes. My husband been in and out of work for almost 5 years with his OCD. He is getting better now. He has a great chance to work with Atlanta Missions.
    with Atlanta mission.

  2. Tara, it’s so great that you are having a great response to your book. They are both Heros as you said. Your dad and mom are great people that showed a lot of courage. I my fighting a batter now with my husband. He is doing better put he wants to do it alone. He has a great chance to get a full time job at Atlanta Missions. A work their for a short time. I trying to finish my book but I am fighting my ADD so bad. My husband’s OCD I can’t think straight. My son is in the 6th grade at Lee Middle this year. My mom is good but she has her up and down. My dad is gone. I feel alone sometimes with my thoughts. My stepfather ( Mike) is the only father I know. My dad did the best he could. My grandmother is hard on the family her knows how they should act. She still living. I love her but she drives me crazy sometimes. Keep up the good work Tara.

    Lori Gilbert

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