Rock the Boat

He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus.   

Matthew 14:29 ESV

In Jesus’ day, a boat wasn’t powered by a motor but by oars or sails. If you’ve been in a rowboat, you know they feel tippy when you get in or out of them.

The disciples were already shaken by a fierce storm when Jesus started walking toward them on the water. When Peter jumped up to take a lake walk with the Lord, the other disciples fought for stability. I can imagine Judas yelling, “Peter! We’re going to flip over!” 

Because Peter wanted to be with Jesus so much, his friends were able to see Jesus like never before. They saw He was able to give them abilities they’d never imagined. More importantly, they saw that He was deeply worthy of worship. “You really are the Son of God!” the disciples confessed after seeing Jesus conquer the water with Peter alongside Him (Matthew 14:33 NLT).

Every day, we have opportunities to be so bold in our belief in Jesus that we get out of the boat, shake things up, and help direct our friends’ eyes to the Savior. Jesus has power over everything. But will we be courageous enough to rock the boat so that others might understand?


2 thoughts on “Rock the Boat

  1. This is wonderful Tara and such perfect timing. Last week Sunday one of our pastors spoke on this very story in the Bible. One thing that stuck out to me that Pastor Andrew discussed was Peter’s words directly to Jesus: “Lord if it is you, bid me to come to you on the water?” Woah! Can you even?!!! I mean read that sentence again and again. I have read this story a 100 times in my life but never camped on that faithful sentence reflecting the heart of a servant of Jesus who wanted desperately more than anything to have and receive and gain ALL that the LORD had for him/her – even when it means risk. Risking ‘rocking the boat’…stepping out into the unknown and believing that “LORD if it is you” then it WILL work, we won’t sink and He will do the miracle necessary. Oh to have this kind of Faith! I want this so badly! Thank you Tara, my beautiful sister…Keep spurring us on in LOVE. It is the only way. Love you faithful friend, Cindy xx

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